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G-420'A' All Purpose Cleaner 20 lit

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G-420A is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants, vegetable oil based soap, builders, sequesterants and other effective cleaning materials. This product is non-toxic and free of harmful abrasives, harsh alkalies and acids.

G-420A is highly effective in cold or hard water.Penetrates through soil,converts and suspends it in solution. G-420A is a versatile product which can be used in many ways including automatic equipment. G-420A has a controlled suds volu- me and is sequestered against hard water. G-420A is ideal for every cleaning job from floor to ceiling, including floors, walls, woodwork, cabinets, porcelain, vinyl upholstery, light fixtures, venetian blinds, desks, etc. MORE INFO

Code: GK-420A-20


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