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G-711 Paint & Solvent Base Sealer Remover 4 lit

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G-711 is recommended for stripping paints, sealers and glues from metal, wood, glass, concrete, stone, brick and ceramic tiles on horizontal surfaces.  For vertical surfaces, G-713 GELLY-TYPE is a more suitable product.

G-711 is not recommended for linoleum, rubber, asphalt, vinyl or vinyl-asbestos floors and some plastic surfaces.  Product will damage these materials.  Before using on unlisted surfaces, first test for suitability.

DIRECTIONS:  Remove all wax or polymer finish, if any from surface by using regular wax remover prior to stripping paint or sealer.  Apply a liberal amount of G-711 using a soft brush, mop or spray device.  Allow G-711 to penetrate into the paint or sealer and do the work for you.  Watch for signs of softening then blistering.  When action is complete, scrape off with a flexible putty knife or squeegee then scrub and rinse with water.  Repeat if required.

 Store in a cool dry area at 10° – 28°C (50°-80°F).  Keep container closed.

Code: GK-711-4


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