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Bouquet # 1 Liquid Deodorant cs/12x1 lit

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GENERAL USE:  Washrooms, toilets, cooking odours, pet beds, closets, litter boxes, lockers, diaper pails, air conditioner filters.
ROOM DEODORIZING:  Dilute 1 part Bouquet to 80 parts cold water or 1 to 40.  Spray solution lightly in the air.  Do not spray undiluted.  Do not spray if room is occupied.
CARPETS:  Dilute 1 part bouquet to 80 parts of diluted shampoo solution to eliminate smoke, urine,vomit, mildew, etc.  For direct application to carpets, squirt a few drops on source of odour.  Bouquet is highly recomended for hot water extractors and shampoers.
NURSING HOMES AND HOSPITALS:  Squirt a drop or two for bed pans, urinals, portable toilets, drainage bottles.  Bouquet will not stain bed pans, sheets, carpets or clothing.

Code: GK-BOUQ-12


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