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G-660 H.D. Powdered Cleaner & Stripper 30 LB

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G-660 is a heavy duty cleaner and stripper in powder form composed of silicates, surface active agents, deodorizers and various cleaning materials totally balanced for maximum efficiency.  This product was primarily developed for the quick removal of wax, polymer finish, most tile seals and grease, oil, dirt, carbon and other foreign matter from floors and other hard surfaces.

To remove wax or polymer floor finish from all types of flooring, apply a liberal solution made of 2 to 4 cups of G-660 per pail of warm to hot water to the floor surface.  Allow a few minutes for the solution to penetrate and soften the finish.  To facilitate removal, scrub with a stiff brush or coarse nylon pad.  Before the application of new finish, rinse the stripped area with clear water.

For heavy-duty cleaning, dilute 1 to 2 cups of G-660 per pail of warm to hot water and rinse with water as required.  For best results dilute according to soil conditions.

Code: GK-660


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