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G-120 Liquid Enzyme 20 lit

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GENERAL: G-120 is a liquid of live bacterial culture and free Enzyme that digest organic waste and odours. This product is ideal for use on organic odours and stains from urine, vomit, feces, blood grease, wine and sewage. G-120 contains 120 billion per gallon of specially selected blend of high activity bacteria that have the ability to rapidly multiply and double in quantity every 20-30 minutes. As long as an organic food source exists. This multiplying effect yields faster results on stains and odours. G-120 is recommended for: Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, apartments, funeral homes, kennels, clinics, grease traps, industries, drain lines, down pipes, port-toilets, septic tanks, recreational vehicles, marinas, sump-pumps, wet wells and etc.
GENERAL ODOUR CONTROL: To eliminate odour caused by vomit, spoiled foods, decomposed animals, animal waste in area as garbage cans, waste receptacles, locker rooms, carpet etc. Spray product directly on malodor and allow the bacterial action to digest the material while the pleasant fragrance immediately neutralizes the odour.
CARPET DEODORIZING AND DIGESTING ORGANIC WASTE: 1) Spot clean and vacuum carpet thoroughly. Mix 10-20 Oz’s product per gallon of water. Apply with pump or hand sprayer. Keep moist at least 30 minutes. Repeat if odour persists. 2) Use in conjuction with carpet clean-ing equipment. Use 10-20 Oz`s of product to every gallon of mixed cleaner. Use with all types of carpet cleaning equipment and methods, including tank, brush, bonnet and extraction cleaning.
GREASE TRAPS: For traps less than 20 cubic feet capacity, add 4-5 oz`s of product daily, by pouring in a sink or pipeline closed to the trap. This should be done at night or when the traps are used the least. After adding, flush down with a cup of lukewarm water. For grease traps larger than 20 cubic feet, add 9-10 oz. Daily use: the same procedure.
PORTA-TOILETS: Add up to 1 gallon directly and cover the solids with water to aid digestion. Each time toilet is pumped, start treatment again with 1 gallon of product.
SEPTIC TANKS: Add 20 oz. per 25 cubic feet capacity for the initial treatment. Thereafter, use 8oz. per week. Pour directly into toilet and flush. If septic tank is clogged and odourous, add 1 gallon of product directly to the tank.
RECREATIONAL VEHICLES & BOATS: Add 2 oz. per gallon as needed. For use at a dump station, use 1 gallon per 50 gallons of tank capacity followed by 20 oz. per week. Repeat after every cleanout.
DRAIN LINES & DOWN PIPES: Use product a minimum of 2 times weekly, to a maximum of 4 times depending on usage of the building. Add 4 oz. of product for each 2 inches of pipe size.
NOTE: For best results, use this product within a PH range 5.5 to 8.5 and for fast action, up to 120°F (49°C). Activity of bacteria reduces below 40°F.
Do not use disinfectants, bleach, chlorinated products, or harsh drain openers either before, during or after G-120 use. These materials will kill the bacteria and render the product ineffective. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

Code: GK-120-20


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